Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Next Generation Consoles Need to Provide Freedom for Updates | Technology News

The next wave of home consoles, including Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Orbis) need to make better conditions and more open to offer when it comes to free updates for games, at least according to some developers and publishers.
To update or patch for games on current consoles, including Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, Fri developers and publishers need to do it and submit for approval from Microsoft or Sony.
The company said it could take several weeks, during which players of games left with real problems and bugs.
According to several developers recently, what needs to change with the next generation of devices, because they want the same freedom they get on platforms such as PC, Facebook or mobile ones.
"Sometimes it's expensive, there are a lot of bureaucracy, even if you want those little things to do," said Ubisoft Massive David Polfeldt Gamasutra's policy update on the current consoles.
His voice is supported by Christian Svensson, senior vice president at Capcom, who also wants the update to a job without experience.
"I hope for a much smoother for updates to the consumer, capable of a much faster recovery between the two as content is submitted and when the content is online for the consumer, a superior level of service to offer" he said.
These applications can be solved by implementing a number of systems in the wings, enabling developers to make their games on the fly, without you through the approval, as executive Capcom.
"I hope that the networking process and in the future are built with this in mind," said Svensson. "I would like more server-based backends that more developer and publisher control to see, rather than being forced through systems that are little more pre-defined by the first party. This would be the online experiences that are not currently available on the console market. "
At present, however, nothing concrete is known about the next generation consoles, since neither Sony nor Microsoft are willing to admit they are working on new devices.

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