Tuesday, 3 April 2012

HDD Sales Will Increase This Year, Despite Prices | Technology news

Even if the HDD market is expected to have more problems this year, with rising prices and all, IDC estimates that the opposite will occur.
Not that those responsible for these storage devices will not go through difficult times, of course, but analysts still believe in the general level of navigation for the year will increase.
The percentage is estimated at 7.7%, although this is true, it will not be due to the interest of consumers as it will be for both the natural disasters of 2011.
The earthquake in Japan (March 2011) and floods in Thailand (fourth quarter), shipments fell 4.5% last year.
As such, even if prices are high across the hard disk (and will remain so even after the fall in April), analysts are optimistic from that perspective.
Meanwhile, hard drive vendors use this mess as an opportunity to the standard price reset after the "erosion" that began in 2009.
"In many ways, the HDD industry will jointly press the" Reset "button. A reset of the structure of the HDD industry should enable the participants remaining HDD industry to reduce prices slowly drive the current level with a rate that has value to customers while at the same time sufficient funds are available to new HDD technology needed for the hard drive capacity, performance, reliability, energy consumption and improve security to develop, "said John Rydning, Vice- president of research, hard drives at IDC.
"However, the growth in the long term can only be achieved if the other participants storage and storage solution providers with a wide range of products for a wide range of markets."
Cleaning and repair of factory buildings will be flooded in the first half of 2012, which means that the supply level before the flood of components and complete assemblies will not return until the third quarter of this year.

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