Monday, 26 March 2012

Colorful GTX 680 iGame Kudan Graphics Card Pictured | Technology News

Although it has been several days since the official launch of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680, there seems no way to stop the rain templates.

On the other hand, it's not so much a report on a new video card, but a rumor about a model that has yet to occur.

Like Galaxy, colorful develops a particular iteration of the Kepler-based graphics card.

It will be called GTX 680 iGame Kudan and use of the best air cooler that the company has in its collection.

IGame called Kudan (hence the name of the card) cooling solution is actually modular, allowing owners to change somewhat.

The radiators can be treated independently (VRM and memory can be covered with their own) and even the color can be changed (a pastel set is included).

If people are now believed, will not waste his colorful best cooling on a board of reference specced.

Unfortunately, if we can not say with certainty that the factory overclocking will be involved, we do not know how much faster than the shares of the GPU, shaders and memory function accelerates.

We assume that it is not in the range of 2 GHz, but that's fine, because buyers will get everything they need to improve the performance of their own tune.

Speaking of which, the colorful GTX 680 iGame Kudan get a digital 8-phase VRM can be increased with a homer in four phases, through a daughter card attached to a modified SO-DIMM.

The daughter card at the rear of the product, parallel to the plane of the printed circuit board.

People familiar with the company will know that only sells colorful video controllers in Asia and Europe, so U.S. citizens will need to seek alternatives.

Reference specifications for the Kudan want to leave in the dust, here where we covered the official launch of the invention of NVIDIA.

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