Thursday, 1 March 2012

Option Releases the Smallest 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot | Technology News

Option's XYFI is a wireless hotpot that combines regular WiFi connectivity with 3G broadband support.

It uses the USB interface to draw power and can maintain connection with up to eight devices at the same time.

As such, in addition to connecting their own wireless devices, users can share the broadband with other people whenever they wish and wherever they happen to be.

"XYFI's easy 'out-of-box' set-up brings instant connectivity to everyone, without the need to install any software or drivers," said Jerome Nadel, chief experience officer at Option.

“It can be powered in many different ways, making it ideal for use on the move anywhere that a user has 3G or WiFi coverage, a USB slot and power. The intuitive web pages are optimized for use on mobile devices and guarantee users the best possible connectivity experience."

The XYFI will work no matter what USB power source it is plugged into: wall and car plugs, PCs, extended battery packs, etc. No price mentioned though.

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