Monday, 26 March 2012

Grandma Smashes Her Face into Apple Store, Sues | Technology News

Paswall is one of the few people worldwide who donate AOT much care for iconic all-glass Apple OSA stores.

And she has every reason to think that way after walking into a shop, glass door of the participant nose broken in the process.

Mrs. Paswall was the return of an iPhone in the store in Manhasset, New York in December last year. If they go to the store, entered the participant, the glass door and Mrs. Paswall suddenly.

In Australia, OSA, the octogenarian literally hit her face against the door and broke his nose.

She went on to sue Apple for $ 1 million, claiming that the Cupertino tech giant would have had to find that on the glass so the elderly can be the difference between the building and to the thin air.

"Apple wants to be cool and modern and the nature of the architecture that appeals to the technology crowd," said his lawyer, Derek T. Smith "But they must realize the danger that this high-tech modern architecture installation in some people."

"The defendant was negligent in allowing ... a clear, transparent glass wall and / or door to exist without adequate warning," said the costume.

"There were no marks on the glass or inadequate," said Smith. "My client is an octogenarian. It is clear, but she sees no glass."

"The stereotypical Apple customer is someone who is Gen-Y or a teenager or student, but they must realize that the older generation are their customers, too," he added.

According to MacRumors, Mrs. Paswall request for $ 75,000 in medical expenses and damages for negligence to $ 1 million.

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