Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Version | Technology News

Intel releases a new version of their Graphics Media Accelerator display driver, the

The Intel GMA driver is intended for some of the Atom-powered boards and is being released for Windows Vista and 7 32-bit versions, only. The GMA driver supports 5 Intel boards:

Intel Desktop Board D2500CC
Intel Desktop Board D2500HN
Intel Desktop Board D2700DC
Intel Desktop Board D2700MUD
Intel Desktop Board DN2800MT

As their very name already says, these 5 motherboards are powered by three different CPUs from the Atom family: the D2500, D2700 and the D2800. All the boards supported by the new GMA driver sport passive cooling given their small form factor (mini-ITX/ micro-ATX) and can run with as much as 4 GB DDR3 single-channel memory spread over 2 slots.

Users also get 6 or 8-channel Intel HD Audio capabilities and USB 2.0 ports, complemented by SATA 3.0 Gb/S connectors. The higher series models also boast a convenient HDMI port for extra multimedia performance.

Download the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for free, as always.

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