Monday, 26 March 2012

Stanford University Hacked Again, 978 Users Exposed | Technology News

A number of 978 sets of records were released from the servers at Stanford University, after a hacker known as GreyerSting successfully identified a SQL injection vulnerability in the forum of the official institution computer.

"I just get bored and saw the vulnerability and decided to exploit," said the pirate.

The data dump contains the full name, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses and other details.

Readers may recall that the site of Stanford University has also been hacked and defaced on 16 March. At the moment, the security researcher Shadab Siddiqui provided information that the weaknesses that have affected the site demonstrated.

It is not clear whether in the meantime Stanford team information on the issues that we reported, because they have not responded to our emails, but it is clear that some dangerous gaps do not exist yet on the site.

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