Friday, 2 March 2012

iGoogle Gets a Redesign, Adds Full Screen Background Images (Screenshot Tour) | Technology News

Google's less known but popular with a set of users iGoogle homepage hasn't been a priority for the company, but some updates have been landing recently. iGoogle switched to the new Google design sometime last fall, but the new look also meant the loss of some customization options.

Google is now making it up with an updated design, a new iteration for the big redesign from a few months ago. It continues to incorporate the bigger Google trends, the integrated header, the settings button and so on.

It also brings full screen background images, like the ones on the regular Google homepage, enabling users to liven up their iGoogle homepages a bit more.

The new design is now live, but you can continue to use the old one. You can switch over to the new design and see what it's like and you'll be able to switch back if you don't like it. In a few weeks' time though, everyone will be getting the new design by default.

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